CNC V3 Shield - With 4 DRV8825 Driver Cards for Stepper Drivers



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CNC V3 Shield - With 4 DRV8825 Driver expansion cards


This shield is directly plugged in a UNO R3 card (official Arduino or clone one) and allows, with its DRV8825 expansion boards, to control a Shapeoko numerical control.

Perfect for low budget CNCs. The fact that the steppers drivers aren’t directly integrated into the shield (they are shields themselves) creates an additional congestion compared to a product like Synthetos "gShield" which is more integrated. However, for a small CNC, equipped with small stepper motors (NEMA14 or NEMA17), the performances are very close and the V3 CNC Shield price becomes an excellent and great asset.

Like the G-Shield, the V3 CNC Shield is perfectly compatible with GRBL, the main software used for desktop CNCs, because it’s based on Arduino.

You have to know that the CNC V3 Shield is also compatible with the A4988 mini shield driver (more common, and become more and more the standard for many 3D printers), but it will be necessary to ensure that the voltage is limited to 12 or 24V. Indeed, the Shield V3 CNC card has a voltage range of 12 to 36V, and unlike the DRV8825, the A4988 can’t support more than 35V.

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