1 flute helical up cut End mill- Carbide N2 Titanium coating - ØCut : 1,5 mm- ØShank : 3,175mm –Useful cutting length : 8mm


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This type of End mill is used for cutting plywood, MDF, wood, aluminum for Aureus® 3X desktop CNCs, but also for professional CNCs.


The N2 Titanium coating allows better strength, higher heat tolerance, so it also allows higher rotational and cutting speeds.


With its N2 titanium coating, this End mill is particularly recommended for cutting aluminum, copper or composites like carbon. It’s obviously also suitable for hardwoods.


It’s one of our favorite End mills for the acrylic sheets machining because it allows a very fast chips evacuation. It allows also a clean result. The unique flute and the "upcut" size help to prevent molten material from accumulation on the End mill and avoid to damage the cut.


To use this End mill, you will need to use a 3.175 mm collet chuck, adapted to the shank diameter.

Type: “Upcut” (upwards chip evacuation)

Cutting diameter: 1,5 mm

Shank diameter: 3,175 mm

Useful cutting length: 8 mm

Total length : 40 mm

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Data sheet

Type of milling cutters Helical end
Cutting Edge Diameter 1.5mm
Shank Diameter 3.175 mm
Cutting Length 8mm
Overall Length 38 mm
Number of flutes 1 flute
Material Tungsten Carbide
Coating TiN

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