Diamond cutting mills– Tungsten carbide- Ø 3,175mm- Useful cutting length : 17 mm


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This type of mill is used for machining and engraving composite materials and hardwoods, epoxy resins and carbons, usually in thin layers.

Don’t use with aluminum or thermoplastics because they aren’t designed to effectively remove chips, so it will create clumps of molten material on the mill with these "sticky" materials.

The diamond cut is ideal for cutting composite materials like fiberglass or carbon and for machining epoxy resin. Their robust design, as well as the increased length of the flutes thanks to the "diamond tips" make them perfect for breaking down fibers that are very resistant in the middle of the resin easier to machine.

Thanks to these mills you will get the best result in cutting cleanliness on composite materials.

Shank diameter : 3,175 mm (1/8")
Useful cutting length : 17 mm
Total length: 38 mm (1,5")
Material: Tungsten carbide

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Data sheet

Type of milling cutters Diamond cut
Cutting Edge Diameter 3.175mm (1/8")
Shank Diameter 3.175 mm
Cutting Length 17mm
Overall Length 38 mm
Material Tungsten Carbide

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