X-Y Gantries for CNC Aureus 3X - Black Anodized



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This gantry, made of high-quality 6005-T5 aluminum, allows moving gantries along X and Y axes on Aureus 3X and X Carve CNCs.

It’s intended for movement along solid Makerslide Wide or Makerslide 4040 aluminum profiles (even more rigid). The gantry surrounds all the profile thanks to its extrusion and there are 8 V-shaped wheels in contact with the Makerslide profile on both sides for better precision.

The aluminium thickness, in addition to the structural qualities of the design, make this gantry an extremely stable and durable piece. The thickness also makes it possible to create reliable threads for easy installation of components (limit switches, stepper motor, motor cable connection strip, etc.).

The gantry was open-source designed (CC, BY, SA 4.0) to be able to be used on the Y axis (2 gantries) and the X axis too (1 gantry). Designed for the Aureus® 3X CNC, it’s also adaptable to X-Carves® CNC (brand belonging to another company unrelated to Aureus® or Euro-Makers SAS) marketed in the US by Inventables.

Thickness: 4mm 

Material: 6005-T5 Aluminium 

Finishing: Black anodized 

Dimensions: See PDF

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