400W-24-52V CNC Machining spindle- Black


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400W spindle for desktop CNC like Shapeoko 2 or X-Carve (both references designed by Bart Dring in open source).


This spindle allows the machining of different materials like plywood, acrylic plates, MDF (Medium) and even aluminum.


These spindles offer a much better sound comfort (less noise during machining), a better quality and a longer life compared to multifunction portable rotary tools (including the famous "Dremel").


We recommend to systematic use these spindles with a viarator (potentiometer that will allow to vary the rotation speed). This variator will also prevent intensity peaks at startup, beginning with a low setting.


The spindle must be powered by a DC power supply of at least 400W, we recommend a 600W - 48V - 12.5A.power supply



Rotation Speed: 2000 to 12000 RPM

Voltage: 12 to 48 Volts DC (direct current)

Couple: 343 mN / m

Length: 170 mm

Diameter: 52 mm

ER11 Chuck clamp with collet nut (the tightening is done with the key n° 17: not included)



Delivered with an ER11 collar for end mills with 3.175 mm shank diameter (for "imperial" 1/8 " mills).  Other collets for different shank diameters are available in our shop.


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