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Kit to assemble the complete electronics of Aureus 3X and Aureus 3X Pro CNCs.

This kit includes:

- a 24V 400W  power supply

- 3 aluminum profiles for the vertical walls of the box.

- 1 bottom aluminum plate for the main electronic box. This plate allows the 24V 400W  power supply fixation, and also the SSR statics relays fixation (up to 4).

- 2 pre-drilled acrylic fronts (PMMA)

- 1 black anodized aluminum top plate which allows the mounting of an emergency stop button and a switch

- 1 folded aluminum box for the LCD Smart Controller screen

- 1 black anodized aluminum support plate to fix the drivers

- 1 emergency stop button NC

- 1 on-off lever switch

- the necessary cables for the circuits internal connections (power supply, relay, switch, emergency stop)

- the cables for connecting the drivers to the control circuit

- 1 assembled control circuit

- 1 assembled power circuit

- 1 assembled SSR relay circuit

- 1 "Smart Controller": LCD screen with SD reader and rotary encoder

- 1 set of 3D printed feet

- a 24V 60x60mm fan

- all necessary screws for the assembly

- a 16GB micro SD card with SD adapter to store your cutting programs.

- 2 relays for the control of alternating current acessories


This complete box is easy to assemble in less than an hour. It will allow you to control your Aureus 3X CNC or Aureus 3X Pro (also compatible with many other 3, 4 or 5 axes machines).

This kit is also belongs to the complete Aureus 3X CNC kit which also includes the "Structure", "Screws", "Motorization" and "Accessories" kits, in addition to the AMB 1050 FME-1 milling machine.


Get the very best out of your desktop CNC with this ultra versatile electronic kit.

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