"Motors and Cables" kit for Aureus 3X 1000mm CNC



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This kit contains all the components needed to drive your Aureus®3X CNC:

- 2 NEMA23 stepper motors - Length : 51mm, 10kg of holding torque. Max Current: 2.8A. Stepper motors with GT2-20 pulley mounted in force (X and Z axes)


- 2 NEMA23 motors - Length :76mm, 19kg of holding torque. Max Current: 2.8A.


- 4 stepper motors connection cables


- 3 limit switches cable assemblies 


Whatever electronics you decide to use to run your Aureus 3X CNC, these cables are needed for the connection to the controller and drivers.


This kit belongs to the complete Aureus 3X CNC kit which also includes the "Structure", "Screws", "Electronics" and "Accessories" kits, in addition to the AMB 1050 FME-1 milling machine.


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