Wasteboard for Aureus 3X CNC or X-Carve 1000 mm



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MDF wasteboard, 100% compatible with  X-Carve 1000mm CNC, delivered with threaded inserts. 

This watseboard has 144 holes for install M5 inserts (provided) that will allow you to screw flanges (clamping jack) to keep your pieces in correct positioning during cutting works. 

The wasteboard is printed with a positioning grid allowing you to ideally position the pieces that you are going to cut or engrave. The grid size corresponds to the useful machining surface. 

You can easily install the wasteboard on the Aureus 3X CNC or X-Carve® (commercialized by Inventables in the US) by sliding it into the structure. 

The 2 holes shouldered at the center will allow you, if you wish, to add a central amount (2020 aluminum profile) under the plate, in the center.

This product is a kit and it contains:

- 1 wasteboard for Aureus 3X 1000mm CNC

- 144 M5x10mm inserts you need to screw

A minimum of assembly is required when you receive the wasteboard. You will need to install the inserts from below, using a 5.0 mm Allen key. 

Material: MDF 

Dimensions: 998 mm x 948 mm x 19 mm 

Thickness: 19mm

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