V5 gShield with Integrated Drivers for 3-axis CNC


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Here is the v5 of the gShield (add-on), especially developed for compact CNCs controlled in GRBL.


This shield is planned for be adapted to the Arduino UNO (5V), Duemilanove or clones of these two cards and is planned for rotate GRBL. This shield is particularly used on X-Carve CNCs (marketed in the US by Inventables) or Aureus 3X CNCs (marketed in France) which are very similar. It’s also used on most of Shapeoko CNCs wich are the « ancester » of all these CNCs.

2.5 amps per coil

Input voltage: 12-30 Volts DC

Female Terminals

Micro-step: 8x

Feeding screw terminal block

3 Axes Control (x, y, z)

3 built-in DRV8818 stepper motor drivers

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