"Double Bearing" V-Wheel Kit for MakerSlide Profiles - Black Delrin


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"Double Bearing" V-Wheel Kit for moving structures along MAKERSLIDE aluminum profiles. A kit allows to assemble a wheel and is composed of:


- A double-bearing Delrin V-wheel,

 - Two 625RS ball bearings,

- 1mm thick precision washer allowing the bearings separation 

- A M5x25mm screw with round hexagon head,

- An aluminium spacer of 6.35 mm length (M5 inner diameter) to move the wheel from the structure.


These wheels, designed by the great Bart Dring (who also designed the Makerslide), are used on many open source machines (Shapeoko, X-Carve, Hadron Ord Bot, Aureus 3X) and allow a smooth movement of the precision machines axes.


The mounting on a plate is very simple and only requires a 5mm diameter hole (M5). You have to mount wheels on either side of a Makerslide rail (the V-shaped extrusions side). Tightening the wheels on the rail is easily done with eccentric nuts.


By combining these V Dual wheels, Makerslide profiles and belt tensioners, and synchronizing belts, you can build any 3-axes precision structure.


Material: Delrin (Acetal Copolymer)

 Outer Diameter: 23.50 mm

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